How Much Do You Know About Dogs?

Many people may think they know a lot about dogs, but when a test is down in front of them, things become more difficult. Will you be the next dog whisperer?

How much do you honestly know about these beautiful, intelligent creatures? Well even if you only know that they are called "dogs", I'm sure you love them very much!

Created by: Rebecca
  1. What is the smartest and least smartest breed of dog?
  2. Which of these dogs does not exist?
  3. What is the tallest breed of dog?
  4. What breed of dog was used to hunt lions?
  5. Which breed of dog is prone to teeth problems? (Rotting, plaque, falling out)
  6. True or False: A Briard is larger than an American Eskimo Dog.
  7. What is Schutzhund?
  8. True or False: A rawhide bone is a terrible treat for your dog.
  9. What breed is sometimes called the "Lion Dog"
  10. What breed of dog often gets it's ears and tail docked to look more fierce?
  11. What is an Alsatian?
  12. How many times does the average dog go into heat per year?
  13. Which breed of dog has the strongest bite?
  14. Which of these breeds LOVE water?
  15. True or False: Dalmatians are often very destructive, and love to chew up things and dig holes.
  16. This breed is a great escape artist:
  17. Which dog comes in a variation where it has hair on its head, tail and ankles but is otherwise furless?
  18. Pugs often get infections because:
  19. Which "breed" of Chihuahua listed below Is not a "real" breed.
  20. Which of these breeds is not listed as a "herding" dog?
  21. What is one thing that causes an ear infection for a dog?
  22. Which of these dogs does NOT have curly or chorded fur?
  23. Which of these dogs was/is used to hunt boar?

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