Do You Know Your Dog Breeds?

Many people may think they know many dog breeds, because they see and point out a beagle or a Chihuahua. But have you heard of the Briard, Dogo Argentino, or the Beauceron? Do you happen to know more than the average person, or do you just think you do? Take this quiz to find out!

Are you a 'dog whisperer?' Do you know when you see a Dalmatian even? How about a Pug? Well do you recognize a Landseer or Basenji? With this quiz, you can find all of that out!

Created by: Rebecca
  1. This dog is small to medium, looks like a tiny Doberman, and is a terrier. It comes in standard and toy sizes, which are distinguishable not only by size but by ear shape. It was used as far back as the 16th century for hunting rats.
  2. This particular breed is a shaggy looking, but hard working large dog. It originated from France and has a double coat. These dogs have double rear dewclaws, to help them pivot when herding cattle. They also have a distinct, J-shaped tail.
  3. This dog has been noted to be the most unintelligent breed of dog, but is also noted to be one of the most ancient dog breeds. This dog belongs to the sighthound group, and is similar to the Saluki.
  4. Looking like a cross of a lion and a bear, this dog is truly interesting. With her blue tongue and fluffy tail, she turns many heads. She is also the only dog born with 44 teeth, just like bears. This fluffy breed originated from Northern China, and has a reputation for being aggressive with strangers and children.
  5. Lovable, cute, medium sized, and very well known, this breed is also quite hyper, frisky, and destructive if not exercised, and possibly bad tempered. These dogs were once bred for coaching (running alongside horse carriages carrying their masters and clearing crowds.
  6. Coming from Australia, this dog breed is both wild and tame. Beginning as a wild dog, this breed was soon considered a pet in some parts of Australia. However, one the English introduced sheep into Australia, this breed began to stealing sheep, enraging farmers. The breed became an outcast. Still today, many of these dogs become pets, although it is not recommended.
  7. Bulgy eyes, wrinkles, chubby, adorable and humorous, this is a well known and loved breed of dog. He is an easy and fun companion, however extreme temperatures will affect them easily, and their faces must be kept very clean. These curly tailed dogs also have the chance of their eyes popping out.
  8. They can cry real tears, climb trees, hug like bears, stalk birds, clean themselves like cats, and live up to 16 years; but they cant bark. This independent breed is a natural hunter, with its curly tail being the last sight before it chases its prey, whatever it may be; mice, rats, birds, who knows?
  9. With webbing between its toes and its fluffy features, this water-loving dog is well known. He is large, and commonly comes in the color solid black, however he can be solid brown, or white with large black patches. He has floppy ears, and has great water-rescue instincts. He was also used to retrieve fallen cargo from ships. These dogs are very loyal.
  10. Used for hunting wild boar and looking very similar to the Doberman, with the biggest difference being neither color or personality, but shape. This breed is more built than the Doberman however, and larger. This calm and fearless breed is also a great guard dog and herding dog.

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