Which little-known dog breed are you?

There are many breeds of dogs, and some are lesser-known, like the Xoloitzcuintli or the Berger Picard. But here you will see which of these lesser-known breeds you are!

This quiz is all role playing, so just answer as you would actually act in the situation given. The breeds listed in the results for this quiz are all AKC recognized breeds, so there are no nonrecognized breeds like the Alaskan Husky(Alaskan Malamute+Siberian Husky) or Double Doodle(Goldendoodle+Labrador).

Created by: Shadow
  1. You are asleep in your home when you wake up to a noise in the living room(sitting room).
  2. You get to the living room to find that the stupid hairball-spitting creature(I really hate cats) that your owners let in the house is tearing up the couch with its horrendous claws.
  3. You start to make a move when the cat turns around and sees you. Both of you freeze for a moment. Then you...
  4. Before either of you can make a move, your owner walks into the room.
  5. Your owner sees what the cat has done and throws it outside.
  6. The next day your owner takes you to a dog park. There you see your best friend, a...
  7. When you get over to her, you are shocked that she ignores your greeting!
  8. She tells you that she met a new friend that she's waiting for and she didn't notice you.
  9. As another dog arrives, she walks up to him, giving his muzzle a lick. He is a...
  10. As he introduces himself, he tells you his name is Drax. You say...
  11. He says no and your female friend, named Annie, backs up, knowing you two are about to argue. 'Smart girl' you think to yourself. 'Just like me!' Back to business, what do you say next?
  12. Drax scoffs and trots off, joining up with another dog, a tan Finnish Spitz. Annie turns to you and asks, "What was that all about?"

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Quiz topic: Which little-known dog breed am I?