Do you know your dog breeds?

Do you know your dog breeds? Well, I'm going to see about that! This test will test you to your dog breed knowledge limits! Why don't you give it a spin?

These are all real dog breeds, though some may sound strange. After the test is over, you can Google them to see! My favorite dog breed is the Australian Shepherd in the Tan Point Blue Merle pattern!

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  1. What breed of dog is a herding dog hailing from Australia? (Hint: It comes in many coat patterns, including tan point blue Merle, black bi, red tri, red Merle, or Black and Tan)
  2. Which dog has a bad rap, but are just big old teddy bears? (Hint: they are Black and Tan)
  3. Which breed was commonly used as police dogs before stupid German Shepherds took over? (Hint: this breed is named for the way they stand on their hind legs and lash out with their front legs)
  4. Which breed was first bred to be guard dogs? (Hint: they are small and now are used more in the terrible things we call dog shows)
  5. What is the smallest dog breed?
  6. Which is the largest dog breed?
  7. Which dog has a horrible reputation but actually are just tough, making them a popular candidate for dog fights because they can take hits? (Hint: There are no bad dogs, just bad humans)
  8. Which dog breed is a large Italian breed, valued as a companion, guard dog, and hunter?
  9. Which dog breed is a large breed originally used for working livestock? (hint: its name is in Spanish and means "Canarian Catch Dog")
  10. Which breed originated in Hungry and are excellent hunting dogs?

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