Are you a good student?

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There are many types of students across America's elementary, middle, and high schools. In this quiz, you can find out what type of student YOU are.

Are you the apple of your teacher's eye? A pain in the rear end? Or that quiet kid who might be smart but sinks to the back? Find out with "Are You A Good Student?" now!

Created by: JORDAN
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  1. On any given day, how likely are you to skip at least one class?
  2. Is your classwork and homework complete and submitted on time?
  3. Do you respect and/or like your teachers?
  4. How carefully do you listen to your teachers?
  5. You have a test in three days. How do you study for it?
  6. How often are you late to class?
  7. What grade do you consider a great achievement?
  8. What grade do you consider unacceptable?
  9. Are your parents involved in your schooling?
  10. How well are you prepared for a new school year?
  11. How many extra-curricular activities are you involved in?
  12. What elective do you/would you take?
  13. What kind of friends do you have?
  14. How often are you absent?
  15. How many detentions do you serve a year?
  16. What's your favorite subject?
  17. How often do you text or listen to music in class?
  18. What type of comments do teachers leave on your report cards?
  19. What is your main focus in school?
  20. Overall, what is the reason you go to school?
  21. And you enjoy school?

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