How Gullible Are You?

How gullible are you? Some of the main characters in Othello have personalities that make them anywhere from extremely gullible to understandably vexed.

Take this quiz to determine YOUR gullibility, matched with common traits of an Othello character. In only 10 questions, find out how gullible you are!

Created by: Jane
  1. Are you currently worried?
  2. Will you believe things people say even if they have no proof?
  3. When somone plants an idea in your head, does it overcome you?
  4. Do you ignore warning signs?
  5. Are you easily persuaded to do something you know is wrong?
  6. Do you take advice from people you don't know?
  7. Are you easily manipulated?
  8. Are you trying to impress someone?
  9. Do you realize when you are being used?
  10. Did you recently recieve any surprising news?

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Quiz topic: How Gullible am I?