Which Disney Star Are You? x

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Disney stars, you love them or hate them! One thing you don't know is which one you're most like...but this is where I come in to save the day! Get ready! x

Answer truthfully - the quiz will do all the working for you! If you disagree with your answer, go ahead, try again! But you can't run away from the truth ;D 3, 2, 1... x

Created by: ilolatyou
  1. Yay, photo time! Which pose will it be today? x
  2. Which song do you think most sums you up? x
  3. Time to pick the day's outfit. You go for ... x
  4. Someone knocks into you. Ow! You respond with : x
  5. When meeting a new person, you feel - x
  6. What's the best thing about being famous? x
  7. Shoes, shoes, shoes! Which pair for you? x
  8. Rainbows! Compare yourself to a colour? x
  9. Your hairstyle is the envy of millions. It looks a little like this - x
  10. Finally, let's sign out with your signature goodbye x

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Quiz topic: Which Disney Star am I? x