do you know your disney princesses?

CHANGE OF NAME!!! NEW NAME= DO YOU KNOW YOUR DISNEY PRINCESS MOVIES?? do you think you've watched your disney princess movies enough? well, come and take my quiz to test your knowledge!! are you a disney princess genius??

do you love your disney princesses and think you know everything about them? well, if you do, come and take my quiz to find out!!! hopefully you love them as much as i do!!!

Created by: amazon
  1. do you think that pocahontas and mulan are considered disney princesses?
  2. out of the six princesses, which ones are sixteen years old in their movies?
  3. what is the name of belle's horse?
  4. what is the name of snow white's prince?
  5. what is the name of cindrella's prince?
  6. what are the colors of aurora's 3 good fairies?
  7. what is the name of the suitor that goes to the palace to propose to jasmine and leaves in a huff?
  8. in the little mermaid, what are the names of ursula's eels that convince ariel to go seek guidance from ursula.
  9. in cinderella, what is the mouse gus's real name?
  10. how many of the princesses do not have fathers?
  11. which of the following is NOT one of ariel's sisters' names?
  12. how many of snow white's dwarves have beards?
  13. do jasmine and aladdin get married in the end of the movie?
  14. in sleeping beauty, what was merrywhether's gift to baby aurora?
  15. which one is not a name of cinderella's stepsister?
  16. what is the name of the first man jafar hires in the beginning of the movie to go into the cave of wonders?
  17. in the little mermaid, what is the name of ursula when she becomes human?
  18. what is the name of gaston's friend in the movie beauty and the beast?
  19. what is the color of snow white's bow?
  20. what color is jamsine's outfit when he is jafar's "servant"?
  21. what does aurora mean?
  22. in cinderella, what piece of clothing or accessory causes cinderella's stepsisters to tear the dress that her mice friends made apart?
  23. in the little mermaid, what is the name of prince eric's maid that serves ariel and eric dinner?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my disney princesses?