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Do you have a favorite Disney princess? The princesses are a popular element of the Disney universe, beginning way back with Walt himself helping to design the appearance and personalities of Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora. These original princesses follow more closely to the damsel in distress trope. Later additions to the Disney roster would be more adventurous and self-reliant, such as Merida, Tiana and Moana.

This page features our top Disney princess quizzes. Try a few to see which princess you are most similar to. Don't forget to share a quiz or two with your friends!

Our Disney Princesses Quizzes

  • Which disney princess are you based on your personality?
    [by: Kawaii67, rated: rated: 4.14/5, published: Jan 23, 2018]

    This quiz will associate you with a Disney princess based on your personality traits. Take the quiz and your inner disney princess will be revealed...

  • What Disney princess are you?
    [by: Isabelle Reis, rated: rated: 3.8/5, published: Apr 15, 2017]

    Ten different princess results, each with a picture and thorough description. Ariel, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Belle, Moana, and more.

  • Am I Snow White or Belle?
    [by: Charlie and Holly, rated: rated: 4.69/5, published: Dec 30, 2018]

    Do you think of yourself as more of a Snow White, or a Belle? Discover which one you are more like.

  • What Disney Princess do you Look Like?
    [by: Anniesuperfan, rated: rated: 4.5/5, published: Dec 18, 2017]

    Don't you just love how beautiful the Disney princesses are? Their breathtaking appearance makes you wonder if you could be like them. With this quiz you can…

  • Which Disney Princess Are You?
    [by: Mattie G., rated: rated: 4.45/5, published: May 25, 2018]

    Learn which princess you are most like. Results include some classics and more modern princesses!

  • What Disney princess are you?
    [by: Lilia, rated: rated: 3.72/5, published: Jun 27, 2018]

    Picture results for ten different princesses. Which one do you resemble the most?

  • Which Disney princess or heroine are you?
    [by: Mairi, rated: rated: 3.44/5, published: Nov 3, 2007]

    Do you remember watching these movies when you were little? Or do you still watch them? Find out which Disney heroine you are most like, this is a quiz aimed…

  • Which Disney princess are you the most like?
    [by: Louise, rated: rated: 3.25/5, published: Dec 9, 2017]

    Take this quiz to figure out what Disney princess you are! You could be like any Disney princess, whether you live far from where they live or not. Take this…

  • Which Disney Princess Are You?
    [by: DuneTrekker, rated: rated: 3.25/5, published: Jun 21, 2012]

    Have you ever wondered which Princess's slippers your feet would fit in? Finally, here's a quiz that will test you in personality and NOT appearance!…

  • What Disney Princess Are You?
    [by: Jackie, rated: rated: 3.1/5, published: Jul 14, 2006]

    Have you ever had those lunch room/ cafeteria discussions or fights with your brother and sister about what disney princess you are? Well, this quiz will…

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