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There are many princess quizzes out there, but most are disappointingly superficial. What does the princess actually stand for, anyway? Do we want to be like them, do we adore their prince, or do we want to follow them as a role model?

Are you brave or sweet? Would you rather be friends with the furniture or with the animals? When faced with dragons, do you run or do you fight (or at least stand behind the guy as he fights)? Take the quiz...you might be surprised at the result.

Created by: Steph

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  1. Breakfast time! You:
  2. What is your favourite colour to wear?
  3. Your hair is most like:
  4. You can't stand:
  5. You're at small party. Your friend introduces you to a cute guy. You:
  6. You're having friends for dinner but the main course burns in the oven. Your guests are arriving in 10 minutes, so you:
  7. Movie night! You settle down on the couch with:
  8. Your friends have to go out of town and have asked you to babysit their two kids. You:
  9. Your ideal date includes:
  10. Your wedding bouquet will be:
  11. There's a dragon terrorizing your village! You:
  12. There's one brownie left. What to do?
  13. Ok, dish. Your man:
  14. If you could, you would like to add this princess to the usual Disney group:

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