Are you Snow White or Belle?

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This is a quiz about Snow White and Belle. Who is your favourite? Are you stuck and can't choose? If so, have a go at our quiz to see which Disney princess you are!

We hope you enjoy our Disney princess quiz that will help you determine if you are Snow White, or Belle! We didn't include all of the Disney princesses, but if you like this, leave a comment and we could maybe make one with more princesses involved!

Created by: Charlie and Holly

  1. What is your fave colour?
  2. What is your fave food?
  3. What colour hair do you have?
  4. Pick a BFF
  5. Which name intrigues you the most?
  6. Would you rather have...
  7. Would you rather have...
  8. Do you wear lots of makeup?
  9. What is your favourite season in the year?
  10. Which tastes better to you?

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Quiz topic: Am I Snow White or Belle?