Are you like Princess Belle?

Belle is Belle. No one is her execpt her. Belle is the princess in Beauty and the Beast who marries the Beast and saves the day and all the talking things. (That was for people who don't know who Belle is, and were tricked into taking this quiz.)

Are you like Belle?????? If you take this quiz you'll find out. Belle is awesome. Everyone should hope and pray that they're at least 1% Belle. Get down on your knees and pray, the quiz will wait.

Created by: Olivia

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your fav thing to do
  2. Would you date a UGLY, HIDEOUS guy?
  3. Which would you like to live in?
  4. What is your fav type of flower?
  5. If you had a magical power what would it be?
  6. Pick one..
  7. Which is your fav color?
  8. Which is your fav type of music?
  9. What's your hair color?
  10. What is your fav Disney Princess (Besides Belle DUH)

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Quiz topic: Am I like Princess Belle?