Are U a Princess?

Are you princess, are you a queen, are you spoiled, are you ingnored? Half of ya'll who take this quiz WON'T be suprised with your results. Most of you are spoiled and U know it!

You can find out! Just take this quiz. It really works. It's scary. LOL. Don't take ANY of the results personally. Thnx. And when you're done go bac to the site. I will put a chat on the member page so ya'll can share your results.

Created by: amazon

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Who gets to go shopping every weekend?
  2. I own ___ clothes.
  3. I have my friends over.
  4. I go shopping...
  5. Think fast. I am...
  6. I am mostly like ________ on Hannah Montana.
  7. People say I'm mostly like _______ on Cory in The House.
  8. The song that describes me is ______.
  9. I'm like______.
  10. My boyfriend likes me for_______.

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