Once Upon a Mattress

Many claim to be a true prince or princess but few truly are. For those who are; well... are extremely and exceedingly rare! Could you be one of those very few that are of the royal blood?

Thanks to this quiz you needn't a pea to find out if you are one of the exceedingly rare ~ this will tell if you are a genuine prince or princess indeed!

Created by: Shelly
  1. What is the "Marriage Law"? "Throughout the land no one may wed till....
  2. Fill in the blank for "An Opening for a Princess"... No one is getting any ______________________?
  3. What is a princess as delicate as?
  4. What does Princess Winnifred swim?
  5. Translate...'Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito.'
  6. What type of test do the Queen and the Wizard plan for Princess Winnifred?
  7. King Sextimus will be able to speak again when....
  8. What kind of pets does Princess Winnifred have?
  9. At the Official Ball, the dance all will do is the...
  10. The Minstrel and the Jester sing to Lady Larken about Normandy where the....
  11. Princess Winnifred's nickname is...
  12. What is the King's "duty" to his son the Prince?
  13. What is the Wizard's true name?
  14. How many mattresses does the Queen and the Wizard have for Princess Winnifred to sleep upon?
  15. What type of bird sings a lullaby to Princess Winnifred?
  16. Because Princess Winnifred cannot fall asleep what does she count?
  17. After getting his voice back what does the King Sextimus say to Queen Aggravain?
  18. So... how did the Princess stay awake? Was it because of the

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