Test Your Comfort Level

Mattress Discounters and 92 PRO-FM want to know...What is Your Comfort Level? Maybe sleeping all day is your favorite sport, or do you consider a Monday morning just as good a time as any to get the party started?

Take the quiz now to see which 92 PRO-FM personality you are most like! Are you wild and outrageous, or reserved and sarcastic - you'll be surprised at which PRO-FM personality you might relate to best.

Created by: 92 PRO-FM

  1. If you were a contestant on Dancing with the Stars who would you be more comfortable with as your dance partner?
  2. Which superpower would you be comfortable having?
  3. Which activity are you most comfortable with?
  4. Where are you most comfortable being seen in public?
  5. What are you most comfortable making yourself for dinner?
  6. What song are you most comfortable dancing to?
  7. Where are you most comfortable going on vacation?
  8. What job would you be most comfortable having?
  9. Who would you be most comfortable flirting with?
  10. What do you feel more comfortable wearing?

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Quiz topic: Test my Comfort Level