which inner senshi are you???

Sailor moon is a japanese animated cartoon about a princess who is reincarnated with her fellow guardians . during the show they have no recolection of who they were untill after they become sailor senshi and even then most of they're memories are fuzzy.so they dont know who the princess is untill the middle of season1 sailormoon R

i'm a huge fan and decided we needed this quiz just to entertain. now there are more senshi many more but these are the five main characters. not including the guy.

Created by: dasusie04 of vanessa sue
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. your favorite color is?
  2. your favorite flowers are?
  3. favorite element?
  4. pick a planet
  5. when it comes to love you?
  6. u like which better?
  7. lover or fighter?
  8. princess or soldier?
  9. when in a bad situation you?
  10. pick a pet?

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Quiz topic: Which inner senshi am I???