The extremely tough Dragon Ball Z quiz

If you're a true Dragon Ball Z fan, come and take my quiz. Unless you're a die-hard who has watched the series from start to finish, movies and all, beware. This will NOT be easy. From start to finish, movies and specials included, this quiz is going to test your Dragon Ball knowledge like no other.

Give it your best. Depending on your score, you will be rated as one of the characters from the series. The higher your score, the better the character you will get. If you get a high score, you'll be one of the finest of the Z senshi. But get a low score and you'll end up as a humiliating wimp who is an embarrassment to the series.

Created by: Taylor
  1. Who is sealed inside of the Z Sword?
  2. Why did Bibidi's original Kid Buu become Fat Buu?
  3. What warrior fights on Stage Two of Babidi's Spaceship?
  4. In what galaxy was Paragus creating the planet New Vegeta?
  5. Bardock inherited the gift/curse to see the future from a warrior of what world?
  6. Gohan killed Cell, but he was only able to do it due to the intervention of another Z warrior. Who created the ki blast that bought Gohan the time he needed?
  7. Which villain had a soldier name Daiizu?
  8. Who was the only female Kaioshin/Supreme Kai?
  9. In what form did Frieza spend the least amount of time?
  10. What is the name of the evil warlock who unleashed the monster Hildegarn on the planet Konats?
  11. First movie to feature Vegeta?
  12. Many in DBZ have strived for the immortality wish with the Dragon Balls. Who made this wish successfully?
  13. Who is not a member of Bardock's team?
  14. There were originally FIVE Supreme Kais/Kaioshins (North East West South and the Grand/Dai leader.) How many were KILLED (NOT ABSORBED) by Buu?
  15. Which of the following is NOT true of Krillin?
  16. When King Kai's planet was destroyed by the self-destruction of Cell, it destroyed a barrier sealing away a powerful space pirate who soon after invaded Earth. Who was he?
  17. When Goku got his life back and was allowed to return to Earth to fight Majin Buu, who was he initially planning to fuse with, using the Potara earrings?
  18. How many villages exist on the planet Namek?

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