Dragonball/Z/GT - The easy quiz

Are you a fan of Dragon Ball, but not one of the die-hards who obsesses over the show? if so, this quiz will be the one for you. I aim to create Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT quizzes for people of all skill levels.

It's not mind boggling, but it will definitely test what you know about the series. If you've seen the series from start to finish, and at least paid SOME attention, you'll do fine. This isn't the quiz that will melt your brain - those will come at a later date.

Created by: Taylor
  1. Who did Goku meet first?
  2. How many Dragon Balls are there? (This only refers to the standard, earth set of Dragon Balls, not additional sets discovered later on.)
  3. What character never wore a suit of Saiyan armor?
  4. Goku finally one a Tenkaichi Budokai tournament for the first time at the 23rd tournament, as seen at the end of the original DB. What opponent did he defeat there to win?
  5. What planet did Piccolo originally come from?
  6. Which one of these colors was not a General/Colonel/Commander etc. in the Red Ribbon Army?
  7. Which of the following statements about the series is NOT true?
  8. How did Gotenks escape from the Time Chamber after destroying the door?
  9. What character did Goku never pat the crotch of?
  10. Who created the final attack that killed Kid Buu?

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