Which Dragonball Z Character are you?

What Dragonball Z character are you? Save the world, or kill it? Your choice! have fun with this quiz I made! It's great fun!!!! go me im awsome!!!! yes i am

What dragonball Z character do you relate to? Find out if your good or evil!!! have fun with this quiz I made! It's great fun!!!! It's great fun!!!! go me im awsome!!!!

Created by: mmzero
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  1. Have you ever lost your memory and have to start life over again?
  2. Do you have and eternal grudge to your superior?
  3. Do you want do kill your pearents/creator?
  4. Do you feel the urge to absorb other people to gain perfection?
  5. If someone showed you disrespect would you...
  6. There is a compleatly defencless city before you. Do you...
  7. Your main servant fails you. Do you...
  8. Your good friend dies and only the dragonballs can revive them. Do you?
  9. There's a planet far away in danger. If you leave to save it, it will take 3 years to get there and back. Do you...
  10. Do wish everyone could get along?

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Quiz topic: Which Dragonball Z Character am I?