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  • 100 f---ing percent! The odds were against me, but I knew there was a way to win. And so it was! Trial and error by pressing back button and changing my answers! LOL. My original score was in 70s. I thought I knew most of the stuff, but probably because I mostly watch canon stuff repeatedly, I don't remember every detail of the movies. To be honest, it isn't a very tough quiz. But nevertheless, all I'm waiting for now is Dragon Ball Super!

  • Lol omg great quiz got my 7yr old son wanting to debate with you about some questions,he's a super dragon ball z connoisseur....he says thanks for the motivation at the end calling him useless ,he says mom that's what Vegeta would say

  • ok is this for the extremely tough dragon ball z quiz?well...if it is then you dont know ANYTHING about dragon ball z!!!!!!!!!!!!!and for your information i know 100% about dragon ball z cuz im the number one fan ok??so re-do your test!!!!!!oh and by the way good questions

  • This was easy (scored a 83 out of a 100) put some better answers please.

  • Ah 72%... I'm disappointed in myself

  • I got 33 proves I know more about Dragonball and naruto mor than dbz xD

  • come on man thought it was extremely tough i got 100% just proves i am the #1 Fan.

  • 61% oh well

    super skip 666

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