How much of a Disney princess are you?

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Welcome friends! This is just a fun little quiz to see how Disney-princess-y your life is. So don't sue me if you don't get the result you want! :) :)

After the quiz, please comment and rate if you can, it really means a lot. Also, props to you if you have read this description. Not many people do. Ok, see you later!

Created by: Adelina
  1. Do you have long hair?
  2. Do you like animals? How many pets do you have?
  3. Do you like to sing?
  4. How about dancing?
  5. Are you artistic?
  6. Do you yearn for adventure?
  7. Do you want a romantic relationship?
  8. Are you girly and feminine?
  9. How would you like to be royalty?
  10. Its a normal school day. What do you wear?
  11. Time to do your hair!
  12. What makeup do you wear?
  13. Are you generally elegant? If you're not sure, take the elegance quiz I made to find out. Its on the first or second page of the newest quizzes.
  14. What is your talking voice like?
  15. Is your family complicated (i.e. do you have at least one step sibling/half sibling/ parent dead/ adopted by grandparents/ disowned siblings/ living with sibling/ illegitimate children/ lost at birth kind of situation?)

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Quiz topic: How much of a Disney princess am I?