Which Disney Princess are you?

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As little kids we all run around in pretty dresses and pretend to be a princess. We all know what princesses I'm talking about. Were you Belle or Cinderella? Doesn't really matter, we all had fun either way.

Who are you really though? Which princess do you resemble most? To answer that excellent question, I suggest taking this quiz. It's pretty accurate I think.

Created by: harryswife

  1. My first question is very serious so prepare yourself....what's your favorite color?
  2. I'm gonna continue with the serious questions; what color is your hair?
  3. Curly? Straight? Poofy? Thick?
  4. Are you super energetic?
  5. Do you find yourself to be more head strong or relaxed?
  6. Are you easily jealous?
  7. Name one of the qualities you treasure most in your best friend.
  8. If you had a prince, who would you like best?
  9. What do you like to do best?
  10. What happens after you get in a fight with your family, friends or boyfriend?
  11. Do you firmly state your opinion?
  12. What's most important to you? The past, present or future?
  13. One last thing, a random (yet hot) guy asks you to dance at prom or whatever it is you might be dancing at, how do you respond?

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Quiz topic: Which Disney Princess am I?