Changing Faces Quiz

Stereotypes come in all shapes and fashions. The show "Changing Faces" tries to over come these stereotypes. So take the quiz and see how well you payed attention to the show.

Do you know Stereotypes? Have you watched the show "Changing Faces"? Do you think you know what you are talking about? If so, take this quiz that tries to understand what you have learned.

Created by: carebear of Changing Faces
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  1. Having seen the show "Changing Faces", what do you like about the show?
  2. What, if anything, did you learn from the show?
  3. How often do you watch the show?
  4. When talking about stereotypes, what do you think you've learned the most from the show?
  5. Ranking from 1-5 how do you feel the show "Changing Faces" combats stereotypes?
  6. What do you NOT like about the show?
  7. What are various ways to respond to stereotypes?
  8. Would you like to participate in the show next season?
  9. How has "Changing Faces" opened your outlook on stereotypes?
  10. Last question, would you recommend this show to your friends?

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