Are you multiculturally literate?

Let's face it, America and its history are not what most people have always thought it was. It is not a neat story written in a book or even a hundred books. So many voices have been silenced for so long that our historical chorus has often sounded like a brass band with only one trumpet and a beat up tuba. But that�s changing, and if you�re not changing with it, you�re going to look and sound seriously old.

Are you a multiculturally literate person? Do you know who really built and continues to build the United States? Is the diverse nature of the country an open book to you? Try this quiz to find out!

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  1. There were African Americans in the colonies before the Pilgrims arrived in the Mayflower.
  2. Who was the first person killed in the American Revolution?
  3. Who invented the Cherokee writing system?
  4. Who was the great Underground Railroad conductor known as �Moses�?
  5. Which document made slavery illegal in the United States?
  6. In what year was the first women�s rights convention held?
  7. Japanese Americans were placed in internment camps during which war?
  8. In what year did women gain the right to vote in U. S. elections?
  9. In what year did the Stonewall Riots take place, making the gay rights movement a national force?
  10. Who was the first Japanese American to serve in the U. S. Senate?
  11. What position did Wilma Mankiller hold?
  12. What did George Washington Carver become famous for?
  13. Who broke the color barrier in Major League baseball?
  14. The U. S. armed forces were integrated during World War II.
  15. The famous �Code Talkers,� who helped the U. S. win World War II in the Pacific, belonged to what ethnic group?
  16. Who was the first woman to become a supreme court justice?
  17. More than a third of all American Nobel Prize winners have been of Jewish ancestry.
  18. Who was the first U. S. woman astronaut?
  19. Which of these actors is of Hispanic ancestry?
  20. Interracial marriages were illegal in 19 states until a 1967 Supreme Court ruling.
  21. Which of the following states entered the Union with both a large African American population and a large Native American population?
  22. Which of the following writers was openly gay?
  23. Who was the first woman to own and produce her own syndicated television show?

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