Are You Emotionally Literate?

Emotional intelligence is not merely about controlling emotional responses for one's own benefit an; that of others. It is also about using emotion where suitable. Emotion is, after all, at the heart of that sincerity which reassures, persuades and affords confidence; emotion triggers flight or fight, sometime-appropriately; emotion is necessary if we are to cope, for example, with bereavement; emotion can lie at the source of our greatest joys. The emotionally intelligent are like parents to their emotions, acknowledging their needs, loving them, indulging them where appropriate, encouraging their creativity yet restraining them from foolish, destructive or discourteous behavior. To extend the metaphor, the emotionally intelligent are neither of the school which believes that emotions should be repressed - "seen but not heard," nor of that which would allow the little darlings to "express themselves freely to the discomfort or dismay of others. Emotional literacy with regard to others can only be learner by reference to the ABC of one's own emotions. If, therefore, you are not at ease with your own emotions, you will find it hard to relate to others and to respond appropriately to them.

Are you emotionally literate? Being in touch with your emotions can help you through some tough situations. Especially if you're not sure how you feel in a particular instance. This quiz will give you an idea of where you are in terms of Emotional Literacy.

Created by: Steve
  1. Your child, in direct contravention to your orders, runs into the busy road. You pull him/her back and
  2. You then
  3. It annoys you to
  4. You are infuriated with your partner. Do you
  5. Your parent/parent-in-law is nagging, sarcastic and interfering. Your principal feeling is
  6. Grief is
  7. Does worry serve a purpose?
  8. You are outraged by a newspaper story. Do you
  9. Is your anger
  10. Time is, above all
  11. A violent crime is, to you
  12. You like music to be, primarily

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Quiz topic: Am I Emotionally Literate?