Are You Literate?

To live without literature is to hardly live at all, and without a sound knowledge of literature one can hardly understand language and its many manifestations. In short, to be literate is not merely being able to write your name, nor is it about being able to read scholarly, difficult articles. It is much more than that.

Are you literate, or are you merely pretending to be literate? Has your education wasted your time and money, or has it given you a solid foundation? Take this quiz and find out if you are one of the literati, a scribe who uses words like handtools, or someone in dire need of learning!

Created by: Craig Hasbrouck
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  1. In the Iliad and Odyssey, Helen is from which city?
  2. Livy the historian was the author of which work?
  3. An early Roman book about cosmetics was written by:
  4. Geoffrey Chaucer likely met this poet.
  5. "World, world, O world! But that thy strange mutations make us hate thee, Life would not yield to age" This phrase comes from which play by William Shakespeare
  6. The English novelist who most resembles the Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky is:
  7. The style of the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy may best be described using one of the following terms:
  8. Out of the two poets Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath, you think the better poet is:
  9. Postcolonial theory is:
  10. Comma splicing is
  11. The "Deutsches Requiem" is a short story by
  12. In "The Trial" by Franz Kafka, the picture in the Cathedral depicts which of the following:
  13. Argot is another term for:
  14. Out of the following, the best Portuguese poet and writer is:
  15. Which of the following has not won the Nobel Prize?
  16. The first novel was written by:
  17. Oprah Winfrey has...
  18. In the philsophy of Martin Heidegger, the concept of "projection" is known in German as:
  19. The concept of a Theatre of Cruelty was first formulated by
  20. Han Shan refers to
  21. A noun is
  22. The Bible was written by
  23. The Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa was fond of adapting this person's plays:

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