What type of reader are you?

Readers come in many types; some of us place more importance on our reading than others, and some of us are a lot more literate than others. But are you really more literate than average, or just more of a snob about your reading?

This quiz will tell you how you rank compared to other readers - are you more obsessive than the rest, or are you just faking it? Or maybe you're only just able to read well enough to take this quiz??

Created by: rekajackie
  1. How often did you consult just summaries of classic literature when you were in school?
  2. When you hear about a new huge best-seller, what do you do?
  3. How many non-academic books are you currently reading?
  4. How many non-academic books are you currently reading?
  5. What do you currently read the most?
  6. What do you do when you're waiting in line at the post office?
  7. When the huge blockbuster film version of your favorite book comes to theaters, what do you do?
  8. How many books do you have in your to-read pile?
  9. What would a visitor learn about you from looking at your bookshelves?
  10. How often do you visit your local library?

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Quiz topic: What type of reader am I?