What Type of Reader Are You?

There many different types of readers, and this quiz separates them into five main categories. By taking this quiz, you will learn what type of reader you are.

Ever had trouble knowing what book to read next? Have you never found a book that you really enjoyed? Now this quiz can solve that problem, by letting you know what books are best suited for you!

Created by: Mrs. Magoo of Mrs. Magoo Reads
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  1. On a Saturday afternoon, you are most likely
  2. Have you read a novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky?
  3. Have you read Gossip Girl?
  4. Your friend would describe you as
  5. When you grow up (or if you were to grow up again), you would like to be
  6. If you thought you were being followed, you would
  7. When you pick up a book, you
  8. When you have (or had) to do a book report, you
  9. What's your favorite genre?
  10. When you turn on the TV, you watch

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Quiz topic: What Type of Reader am I?