"Mother Tongue" by Amy Tan

It is important to understand basic details of any reading to then understand the main idea of the reading. "New World Reader" provides essays about social problems such as racism, global warming, contamination, discrimination of women... and many more.

Come on try this easy quizz from tha essay " Mother Tongue" by Amy Tan( pages 120-125 Second Edition). Have Fun!! Want to test your knowledge? Are YOU a good reader? Let's find out!!!

Created by: Lianette of Lianette's Web Page
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  1. Amy Tan workes as a writer. Why?
  2. She has to speak to different Englishes. What are the two Englishes?
  3. Why Amy's friends cannot understand Amy's mother and she believes that her mother's language is perfect?
  4. People referred to her mother language as "broken". By this, we can interpretate that she wasn't a good talker but still she can fully comunnicate with everyone.
  5. When her mother realized her limitations of her English, she began to...
  6. Why she never achieve excellent scores in the English's tests?
  7. She didn't understand..
  8. She likes to write________ stories
  9. Tan writes about being ashamed because of her mother's speech. This can promote social problems like racism and discriminary ideas that can be critical to United States and all the world
  10. One of the messages that Amy is trying to sed us is:
  11. In her essay Amy did not said:

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