How Gourmet Are You?

Everyone eats , but who are gourmet? What is gourmet? Those who only take the highest quality! Are you the tongue of a snake that bites, or are you soft and eat anything?

But the real question is: Are YOU gourmet? Is your tongue strong enough to take this test or will you collapse in the middle? In minutes you may find out!!

Created by: mimiomama

  1. You go to your friends friends house were you're going to have lunch . When you enter the kitchen you see lots of flys flying all over the meat , when you sit at the table the host asks if you want some meat, what do you do?
  2. Youre invited to Africa when you go there you visit a poor famillies home who ask if you want some fried mouse , you see that its dirty, what do you do?
  3. You and your buds decide to go eat out , they leave the decion to you , either you go to a dinner or go to Tiffannys Five Star Cafe
  4. Your in the park with your little four year old niece when she asks you if you want to eat some mud with her, do you eat it?
  5. You find a hair in your lunch at the cafeteria , what do you do?
  6. Your babysitting this kid , you have to get them there sandwich from the fridge when a glass jug catches you eyes , its full of high end cheese. The parents told you that you could help yourself to anything you wanted , what do you do?
  7. The parents come back , they ask you if you ate anything from the fridge , what do you say?
  8. Last but not least , you visit the museum and when you go and bye tickets theres a bole full of candy that smells really good , do you eat it?
  9. Do you want this quiz to end?
  10. Im sorry for lieng this really isent the last question, do you forgive me?

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Quiz topic: How Gourmet am I?