Food of the world

This is a test about dishes and food of the world. It is just for fun, to see how you match up to others in terms of your foodie index. Where ever you are from, you should be able to sail through this journey of world cuisine.

Are you a true gourmet, or the kind of person that thinks that tuna is something you do to a piano? Will you skate along or flounder on the questions? Find out now with this quiz.

Created by: Andy Hayler of Andy Hayler's Restaurant Reviews
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  1. Which country does the pickle "kimchi" come from?
  2. Which country does the dish biriani come from?
  3. Which country is best known for the noodle style "ramen" (though it originated elsewhere)
  4. Which nation has bacalhau (salt cod) as its national dish?
  5. In which country are you most likely to be served the fish barramundi?
  6. From which country does the cheese emmental originate?
  7. From which country is Jabugo ham (e.g. the brand Joselito), which many regard as the best ham in the world?
  8. Which country is Kobe beef originally from? (the style is copied in other countries now)
  9. Where is most famous for the casserole jambalaya?
  10. In which country would you get the wurst sausage?
  11. From which country does "poulet Bresse", one of the finest breed of chicken, come from?
  12. From which country does bruschetta (grilled bread rubbed with garlic) come from?

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