Love and Race by Nicholas

People some times read just for obligation. But the real true behind the readings such as essays, books and even cartoons, is that they amplies your knowledge, they open the door to the reality of these days. Do you believe that you are a good reader?? Lets see it !!!!!!

Go on and look in the book Te New World Reader pages 11-13 and try this quizz. It os about an essay of racism and relationship with people from other color or race and the problems they have to face everyday to fight against race. Read it carefully and then it is time to play!!!!!

Created by: Lianette of Lianette
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  1. About the author, which statement is not true?
  2. Is the University of Mississippi having interracial relationships?
  3. How many Mixed-race marriage in the USA are?
  4. According to the essay, What represents hopeful sign to the society were segregation is at?
  5. Racist warned that____________ could happen caused by racial equality
  6. Where the author goes to track interracial relantionships?
  7. Does the DNA has a big precent that determines the race of someone?
  8. Racism is a problem that can be seen in:
  9. In this essay we can see:
  10. He used as an example that:

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