What should you be racing

Do you like to watch racing or actually race? do you think it would be fun to race? well i'm tellin you IT IS A BLAST!!! there is dirt track, asphalt, and dragstrip. there are mini sprints, full size sprints, go-karts, quads, stock cars, modified, you can even race busses!!!

do you want to try it? well this quiz will tell you what kind of racing you should try? racing is not for everybody though, it takes money and is dangerous! so preseed with caustion!

Created by: kodi
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you watch races alot?
  2. do you or have you ever raced?
  3. which do you live closes too?
  4. do you like loud noises?
  5. do you know what the crossed yellow and green, or blue and green flags mean?
  6. if your 16 or older how many times have you wrecked?
  7. do you like to go fast?
  8. are you scared of heights?
  9. how are your reflexes?
  10. Do you mind gettin a little dusty?

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Quiz topic: What should I be racing