How well do you know midnight club II?

Midnight club II:the future of illegal street racing.The sequel of Midnight club.Its now an oldie since its 2003 release but its still popular and alive nowadays even thought there is little amount of online players.This game got the next generation of illegal street racing and its noble future.

You are just pondering "Who in the world is this guy?" when you see a video in a site of somebody you haven't see in midnight club II yet.Time to test your brains and guts of midnight club II.Weather if you are a low-mind midnight club II fan or a true genius,everything matters and sometimes not.

Created by: BKPB58

  1. Let's start something very simple:Are there motorcycles in the game?
  2. True or False:Motorcycles have N20 like the cars in the game
  3. In the following 3 racers,which one has the part racing underground very often?
  4. Only 2 cars have 4 N20.Which of the following have 4 N20?
  5. Which of the following races is not actually a race?
  6. What does the RSMC 15 resembles?
  7. Being the world champion,Savo's races are ______
  8. After you get Farid's car,Inspeter Owen wants to _______
  9. True or False:2 people cheated on you during career mode.
  10. The "bangedup" cheat is _____
  11. The maximum number of checkpoints you can have in your own race is ___
  12. All special manuevers(2-wheel driving etc.) are unlocked in ____
  13. Paris's music are mostly _____
  14. You can have maximum of ___ other people to compete you online
  15. The biggest jump needs more than ___ mph to land on the road.
  16. When using a cop car,instead of a horn,your horn will sound like a ____
  17. Which one of them is a city champion?
  18. True or false:When an oppenent is stuck,it disappears and no longer is in the race.
  19. The ______ is the only car to do a floorboard.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know midnight club II?