Which Dawn of War race are you?

Welcome to my Dawn of War Quiz. I am a major fan of Dawn of War. This quiz was made so that you would be able to find out exactly what race you would be.

So have fun and answer carefully. I hope you aren't to disapointed by the results. Soon you will know exactly what kind of dawn of war race you are. Oh and by the way, If anyone can tell me where i can get my hands on the dawn of war Role Playing Game, I would be grateful

Created by: Commissar
  1. Which kind of combat do you prefer?
  2. Who is your greatest enemy?
  3. Do you prefer heavy, light or no armor?
  4. are you a peaceful, war-hungry, or a race that is just trying to protect and expand your territory
  5. Are you at war with the imperium
  6. Do you prefer to use infantry or armor support
  7. Do you have a set territory
  8. Who do you serve?
  9. Y did you take this quiz? (yes im stalling until i can think of another question.)
  10. Which of the Dawn of War(the RTS ones. you know the ones where you command armies.[and yes there are also dawn of war RPGs]) games were you in
  11. What is your main type of infantry
  12. Your Walker tank
  13. Your most powerful Tank. not walker. Tank
  14. Your scout units
  15. In Dark Crusade, Where was your base (not the exact name of the region)
  16. In Soulstorm, Which Planet was you base on
  17. What was your flying unit in soulstorm
  18. Last Question: What is the deafult RANGED weapon of your main troops

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Quiz topic: Which Dawn of War race am I?