The Dawn Quiz That Rocks All Other Quizes

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Are you a genious? Do you know Dawn? Take this quiz and find out! You might just surprise yourself!! Try it! Try to get a 100 I dare you!! It's easy I promise!

Think you can pass this test with flying colors? Think you know everything there is about Dawn? Think you've known her long enough to answer some fun serious questions about her then go for it! This is your quiz to ace!

Created by: Dawn

  1. What are Dawns favorite two sodas
  2. If needing caffeine what soda will Dawn choose?
  3. Dawns faverite Bible translation
  4. Dawns favorite Bible Heroine
  5. What fruit does Dawn not like?
  6. What is Dawns natural hair color?
  7. Dawn has natural white highlights
  8. What fruit is Dawns favorite?
  9. how many vehicles has dawn owned
  10. what is Dawns newest nickname
  11. What is dawns oldest family nick name?
  12. What was dawns nick name when she was 15?
  13. What is Dawns favorite color
  14. What is Dawns dogs initials?
  15. What is Dawns Dogs name
  16. What is Dawns cats nick name?
  17. What is Dawns cats name?
  18. What animal print does Dawn like most of all?
  19. What is Dawns favorite type of cat besides the domestic cat?
  20. dawns favorite tiger is the Siberian tiger.
  21. Dawn does not write down notes during church.
  22. What type of clothing does Dawn hate
  23. What part of dawn is uniquely claustraphobic
  24. What is dawns favorite food to eat at pizza ranch?
  25. What does dawn like to do
  26. One of Dawns many favorite movies?
  27. What is Dawns favorite music artist
  28. Dawns favorite season
  29. Dawns least favorite season?
  30. What is Dawns birthday
  31. How old is Dawn
  32. What does dawn do while watching movies?
  33. Dawn has petted an aligator
  34. Where did dawn live in 2005
  35. Dawn has never visited California.
  36. Dawn has visited las vegas
  37. When on a youth group trip when she was you herb what was her favorite place to visit?
  38. What sport does dawn like

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