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There are many quizes out there in the world, ones to tell you how you will die, when you will die and whether you are an annoying person or not. Also, there are HARD quizes out there in the depths of the internet.

Are you bored or frustrated due to irritatingly hard quizes, then, this is the place to be/do a quiz! This quiz is so easy that even I managed to get above 15%! Try to see if you can beat my record score.

Created by: Emz11
  1. Which of the following would make you Happy?
  2. What is 2+3 (Only two answers so 50/50...)
  3. What is NOT 2+3? (think carefully here)
  4. Which of these are colours?
  5. What colour is the sky on a nice day?
  6. Which of the following are acceptable names for Cats?
  7. Which is the odd one out in these numbers?
  8. Have you ever breathed in your life? Watch out, this question may catch you out!
  9. How do you spell the world impossible? No, this is NOT a trick question...
  10. Which of the following can you eat?
  11. What do you get if you add 2 and 3 together?
  12. Which of the following numbers add together to make 5?
  13. Will you take this quiz again? You are entitled to your own opinion on this question.
  14. Where do you live? Be very careful on this question!
  15. Does 2+3=5?
  16. FINAL QUESTION! Hardest of the lot! Are you going to answer 'Yes' to this question.

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