Are You Beauitiful?

Theres beauitiful people around the world and you may be one of them but if your not one it's okay your fine who you are! sorry for making this quiz boring I didn't know what to put if you got any good quizes I should do then let me know thanks

Are you beauitilful? No one really knows if you are? if your wondering take this quiz Good luck with it and have fun once again please no mean comments thanks. And I know it may be boring but this is my first so let me know what quizes I should do thanks! you will find out if you are or not remember it's no big deal just have fun =)

Created by: Animals1

  1. Do you wear makeup to be beautiful?
  2. What is your eye color
  3. Do boys stop and stare when you pass by them? (be honest)
  4. Okay right now Idk what to say soo just answers the questions
  5. Would you expect boys to give you roses for your birthday?
  6. What do you wear most of the times? (if you don't wear any of these just pick that you would like to wear)
  7. Okay I know this question has nothing to do with this but just answer it. Is this quiz fun if not then I'm sorry write comments so I can do those questions please thanks :]
  8. Do you wear glasses/braces?
  9. Okay your friend asks you to come to her party and you said "sure" if you will go what will you wear. the party isn't fancy or anything just a regular party.
  10. Will you rate?
  11. Will you comment?

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Quiz topic: Am I Beauitiful?