What makeup should you wear to a party??

Hey guys!! Have you ever not known what to wear to a party?? Well, this has happened to me multiple times! Well if you take this quiz it might help just a tiny little bit.

All you have to do is answer the following 5 questions then after that you will receive your answer. If you don’t like your answer i’m Sorry but I tried my best. Enjoy!

Created by: Aoife

  1. How girly are you
  2. What color is your hair
  3. What color are your eyes
  4. What color outfit do you wear most
  5. What season is it
  6. How old are you
  7. How bold do u like your makeup
  8. How many makeup items do you own
  9. What’s your favorite color of nail polish to wear
  10. Do u like this quiz

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Quiz topic: What makeup should I wear to a party??