Mythical Love Story Part 2

After the Dark Elves arrive, you and everyone else in the club are terrified. The dust has cleared, and the Elves seem to be searching for something... or maybe it's someone they're after! Maybe that's why the guys left; maybe... the Dark Elves were looking for the guys you met tonight...

The guys just left; so, the party was pretty much over for you anyway. However, now there seem to be some party crashers, and you need protection in this strange world more than ever! Let's just hope you make it through to the next quiz... if there is a next quiz :)

Created by: Fallon Joanne

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  1. The Dark Elves (a.k.a the bad elves who use dark magic) survey the room. The tallest one, obviously the leader, ends his search when he finds you. "You," he says, "come over here." You (this will not effect your answer):
  2. After preforming one of the actions above, they eventually retain you and bring you to their leader. He smiles at you, revealing stained yellow teeth and stinky breath. You try to muster a smile, but fail. He takes offense to this and says, "Do you know who I am?" You simply shake your head in fear. Outraged, he screams, "I am Kent, ruler of the Dark Elves." Inside you laugh while thinking, 'Kent? Really? For a bad guy?' However, you keep your composure and say, "Oh, well, Kent, Ruler of the Dark Elves, why did you pull me out of the crowd?" Surprised at your own bravery, you keep going when he doesn't reply. You say, with a straight face, "Well?" He says, "You don't know?" You:
  3. Since people seem to be cutting you off a lot tonight, there seems to be no reason to stop now, and a werewolf jumps out of the crowd, attacking Kent before you can respond. Then, Leo attacks the two holding you captive. You then see the Alexander attack some of the members of Dark Elves group. Caught up in the commotion, you simply stand there. While standing there, you see Orion come out from the shadows and attack the remaining Dark Elves. Fighting is going on all around you, but you are pulled out of the craziness by the blond-haired, green-eyed guy. He whisks you out of the club and into the night. You run down alleys and streets until he stops you in an area that seems to be deserted. You both catch your breath. Then he says, "I'm Darren. Are you alright?" You say:
  4. You decide on, "Yes. Thank you for getting me out of there." He says, "You're welcome. And you are?" You say:
  5. Before Darren can answer you (for once you weren't cut off, someone else was), the werewolf appears from around the corner. He growls, but it seems focused on Darren. Darren looks at you and climbs over the fence leading to the other end of the alley. When he reaches the end, he takes one last look at you before leaving. You're thinking:
  6. Suddenly, the werewolf stops growling and changes into the brown-haired, brown-eyed boy you saw staring at you. Breathless, you just stare. He comes toward you, and says, "I'm Jackson. Listen, I know I just met you, but I think you're really... hot. That's why I saved you, and that's why you can't tell anyone that you know I'm a werewolf. My parents would shoot me with a silver bullet!" You smile and say, "I'm _______. I wouldn't tell anyone; I swear! Thank you!" He smiles back at you, and you two begin to talk. After several minutes you get on to the topic of his family, he seems nervous. You realize that he's hiding something, and you say, "I promised not to say anything about the werewolf thing, and I won't say anything else about whatever you're hiding..." He stares at you in disbelief. He says, "I... I don't want to talk about it." Then, as if saving him from your wrath, you both hear howling in the distance. It sounds strangely human, but at the same time animalistic. He says, "Listen, I have to go, but I'll see you." He runs off and transforms into a werewolf as you watch. You're thinking:
  7. While walking home, you notice two guys in an alley arguing. You don't want to interrupt them, so you decide to try out your ninja skills and listen in on them. While listening to them yell and call each other names, you suddenly realize that it's Alexander and Leo who are fighting. Alexander says, "Listen, brother, I was the first to talk to her." Then, Leo replies, "Yeah, but she left you to dance with me! Besides I care about her more!" You suddenly realize:
  8. You then move forward to hear more, but run into a garbage can and send the lid clattering to the ground. So much for your ninja skills. Both boys move into a crouched position, ready to spring. Then, they both seem to realize it's you, and they straighten up and walk over to you. "Uh... sorry?!!" You say to them. They both look at eachother and then you. Then, the girl from earlier (with the same characteristic black hair as the guys before you) emerges from the shadows. She says, "Hi, I'm Talkos. These two are my brothers, and we really must be going. Oh, and I'm sorry about earlier when I knocked you down on the dancefloor!" With that, they disappear into thin air. You're thinking:
  9. You're slightly baffled and dazed, but you continue on your walk. You are totally lost in thought, when a familiar voice calls your name. You follow the sound, and you realize it's Orion! You're thinking:
  10. You two start a conversation as he leads you towards your house. When you ask him about the Dark Elves, he seems to tense up. Then, he tries to change the subject; however, you are determined to know what's up! You ask him if he knows anything about what Kent said. At this, he says, "Well, here we are. Listen, I'll see you some other time, okay?" You agree, but wish he would tell you what is going on! It is you, you guys were talking about! He walks off in a different direction, and you check your phone to see what time it is. It's ten minutes until midnight. When you reach your front porch, you notice someone's waiting for you. Darren gets up and walks over to you. You're thinking:
  11. Darren simply takes you in his arms and kisses you. You can't resist because he is an amazing kisser. When you finally stop, he won't let you talk. He says, "Listen, I know that was a little rash, but I really like you. I just wanted you to know that, but I have to go. I'm sorry about kissing and running... but, I'll be thinking about you." He runs off, and you're left thinking:
  12. As you return to normal, you reach for the door knob. But suddenly you feel an excruciating pain! You drop to the porch floor and writhe in pain, fainting in the process. Your phone drops beside you; it reads midnight. Your last thoughts are of:

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