Mythical Love Story

The world has undergone massive change. Recently, all the worlds merged (the elven world, the werewolf world, the wizard/witch world, the vampire world, the heavens, the demon world, and the human world). One religion was proven to be right, and there is now chaos and constant war going on in parts of the world. You are located in a stable part of the world and are just trying to make it through dumping your boyfriend (when you found him cheating on you) before your birthday. Meanwhile, you become involved in an enchanted mythical love story; one that fits the new surreal world.

You end up meeting five really hot guys. Alexander, Orion, Jackson, Leo, and Darren are from one of the different worlds that humans can see (elf, werewolf, vampire, human, wizard/witch). They all seem to have a crush on you, so now the question is: Who will be your prince in your Mythical Love Story?

Created by: Joanne
  1. You enter the dance club with your friends at your side. They spot a table and lead you to it. You're not in the mood to dance, but you can tell you're friends are dying to. So, you tell them to go ahead, and they do. While sitting there a hot guy starts to walk toward your table, he smiles and says, "Hi, I'm Alexander. May I sit down?" You say:
  2. He sits down anyway and says, "Sorry, I just thought you looked lonely and might want some company." You say, "Actually, today is my birthday, but I just broke up with my boyfriend." He seems really concerned and says "I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?" You just sigh and shake your head, but you're thinking:
  3. Alexander looks disappointed, and says "Sorry, I..." You cut him off by saying "You sure say 'I'm sorry' a lot." Alexander smiles and says, "I just say that to beautiful girls who I don't want to get mad at me." You blush, and both of you start talking. You tell him all about your break up, and eventually you learn that he's a wizard. But, before he can tell you anymore, a guy comes to your table and asks you to dance. You say:
  4. Before you can say anything, Alexander says, "Go ahead, I have to leave anyway." The other guy smiles and takes you to the dance floor. "Well, you're as good a dancer as you are beautiful," says the guy. You blush and say in a flirting way, "Shouldn't I know you're name before you give me compliments?" He smiles and says, "My name is Leo, and as you can tell I'm a vampire." You say:
  5. Again, you're cut off before you can say anything, but slightly more violently this time. A woman interrupts your dance and knocks you on the floor. She starts to whisper to Leo. You:
  6. Leo looks surprised and looks at you, but then leaves with the woman. Moments later, another hot guy helps you up and asks, "Are you okay?" You say, "I'm fine... I was just surprised. Thanks, I'm ______. Who are you?" He says, "I'm Orion. Here, let me help you over to that table." Ironically he helps you to you're original table, and you notice and make a comment about it. He blushes and says, "Um... well, I kind of saw you sit down here earlier, and I was going to come and talk to you." You say:
  7. You decide on, "Why didn't you?" He smiles and says, "Well, those other dudes beat me to it; otherwise, I would have." You blush again and notice that he has slightly pointed ears. He also has a slight glow to him that is the signature sign of an elf. Just as you were checking him out, he gives you a funny look and says, "Is there something on my face?" You laugh and say, "No, I was just thinking." He laughs and then his cell phone rings. He apologizes and takes the call. Meanwhile you notice a tan, brown-hair, brown eyed hottie with his eyes fixed on you. You smile under his gaze. You're thinking:
  8. His gaze suddenly makes you uncomfortable, and you continue your look around the dance club. You notice a super-cute blond-haired, green-eyed guy. He, too, seems to be unable to take his eyes off of you. You're thinking!
  9. Orion gets off the phone as your thoughts are interrupted and says, "I'm sorry. I have to go." He leaves you before you can say goodbye. You're thinking.
  10. Suddenly, the guy with blond hair takes a turn towards the door, but not before checking you out one last time. You look away, but you're thinking:
  11. He leaves, and you see the tan brown-haired boy follow him out the door. Where could all the guys you met tonight be going? Just then, the ground begins to shake. People scream and notice the roof is starting to crack. They run to the tables (located on the sides of the dance club). The roof falls to the ground, and cloud of dust rises. The dust clears, and Dark Elves are standing on the fallen roof pieces. Who do you want to save you?

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