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OK If you've seen my first quiz then you know that I don't do parts. If not then look for "The whole story" BUT this time it's diffrewnt. A)I only had an hour to do this quiz. B) It doesnt have as many questions and C)I gopt the names from books, school, and other quizzes. It's still mythical creaters aka Vampiers, Dark angels, and angels.

Welcome back. Edward is like he is in the book. He is still the vampier. (This name and person is for the user alicecullen). Mark. He's tall and caring. Also a big flirt. He loves your bestfriend Marcie,BUT sence hes the dark angel he can have more than on wife. And Martin can be a jerk but when you get to know him he is sweet and caring.

Created by: Meghan
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  1. So your bestfriend and you are going to the mall. You two go into a book store and look for a new journel because your dog toar up your old one. Whilie looking Martin, Mark and Edward walk up to you and yourbest friend. "Hey ____ hey Marcie (your bestfriend name) we were just wondering if you wanted to go to a party with us." Marcie wants to go with Edward who do you want to go with?
  2. Making up your mind all 5 of you walk out of the mall. Marcie chose Mark instead, so you choose Edward. They all walk to a mini van where Martin drives. Marcie and Mark sat in the middle row while you and Edward sat in the back. Under his breath in a voice that only you could hear Edward says "Your cutter up close than in the distance" You giggle and Marcie turns around looking at you with a confused look. Marcie whispers to you "Tell me!" You shake your head as a show that you'll tell her later. Then before you relize it Edward is closer to you than you origanally thought.
  3. Then Marin shouts "Hey you 2 love birds stop that now or I'll make you walk to the party." Edward moves away but keeps your hand in his. Then you see Marcie and Mark kissing! What do you do?
  4. Lets just say you start kissing Edward. Marcie looks at you and Mark wolf whistels. Then Martin pulls over and then yells "_____ GET THE HELL OUT OF MY CAR! MARCIE YOU CAN STAY BUT____ NEEDS TO GO!!!" What is your reaction
  5. Before you do anything Edward and Mark tell Martin "NO!" Shocked Edward writes to you "____ There is much to tell you. Meet me in the bedroom at the party at mid-night and I can explain it all to you." So what do you say in responce
  6. At the party you see that its 5 minutes to mid-night. You hurry upstaries and into a bed room. SITTING on the bed Edward shuts the door behind you. Before you can speak he starts to kiss you.
  7. Sorry...Just I don't want you to be afraid when I tell you this but...I'm a vampire Matk is a fallen angel also known as a dark angel and Martin is an angel. We were sent to earth to save you and Marcie."
  8. "You and Marcie have been curesd and It's our job to proctect you" You gasp and then you say "So how can we help?" Edward says "Well first you can choose one of us to be your soul mate. That incresses your protection. Marcie has choosen Mark already but Dark Angels can have more than one wife so if you choose him then Marcie won't care. But know that once you choose there is no going back."
  9. Edward contuies "You have 48 hours to choose between us." Who do you want?
  10. FAST FORWARD! (sorry i only had an hour to do this quiz) Re-cap Edward took you out on a dinner date that Martin crashed. Martin bought you many rings. Mark really just kept to Marcie. Now your 48 hours are up. Edward, Mark and, Martin come up to you. They ask "Who is your soul-mate?"

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