Band of Brothers

So this test is about the HBO mini-series Band of Brothers. It is produced by the masterminds: Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. It is based on a best selling book by Stephen Ambrose. It is a true story about a company in the US army during the second world war.

It shares the story of easy company, 101st airborne. The men of this company volunteered to jump out off airplanes into enemy territory. This show shows that bond that developed during the war between the men of the company as each man watch his friends die in horrible ways. The series tells their story as they fight through D-Day, Normandy, Holland and the horrors of Bastogne until they reach Hitler's eagle nest.

Created by: Noha Youssef
  1. Four main characters were played by British actors...who were these characters??
  2. Who did Sobel refer to as Private Bulls**t in his face?
  3. What was the special meal that Sobel wanted to have easy company eat but was interrupted by him ordering another run?
  4. Why did Leibgott get angry and started fighting with Guarnere on the train?
  5. How much was the insurance policy for each man?
  6. Who got stabbed by one of his own men? and who was the man who stabbed him??
  7. How many purple heart medals did Smoky Gordon receive?
  8. When easy company entered the Nazi Hotel in episode 10, Cptn Speirs tries to take some of the silverware Welsh and Winters were sharing; what did Welsh tell him ?
  9. Who was shot by a replacement in episode 10?
  10. Who were the two best friends that lost their lives together when a grenade hit their foxhole?
  11. In episode six, doc roe was looking for something. what was that something and who did he get it form?
  12. Perconte is always...
  13. What was Webster's major in Harvard?
  14. According to the program, what does Leibgott want to do after the war is over?
  15. Who accidentally shot himself?
  16. what did Doc Roe say to Hoobler after he accidentally shot himself in the leg?
  17. In episode 8, what caused Jackson's death?
  18. What did the nurse, Renee, give Doc Roe when he was at the aid station?
  19. Popeye busted out of the aid station after being shot in the a**, he met captain Sobel on the way and asked him if he could give him a ride, what did Sobel say?
  20. In episode one, why was Nixon's weekend pass revoked?
  21. Who were the three soldiers who were shot in the a**?
  22. How many holes did the bullet that hit Buck make?
  23. Norman dike was a bad leader because...
  24. In episode 8, we see a new face: Lt Jones, when did he graduate?
  25. Who were the two men that spoke German in easy company? (that we know of)
  26. Who narrated episode 7, The Breaking Point?
  27. How many points did the men need to go back home?
  28. In episode 9, when a patrol was sent to the woods and they found the concentration camp, who ran back to tell winters?
  29. In episode 10, who died in a car accident; only short of 10 points to go home?
  30. When was Harry Welsh wounded?
  31. who said "I'm Shaking so goddamn much, i feel like im dancing"?
  32. Who insisted on calling Babe either Heffron or Edward?
  33. Who said "i swear i could smell a fire. I did smell a fire!"?
  34. In episode 8, why was Webster treated as a replacement by the Toccoa men?
  35. In episode 10, how did winters tell us what happened to each man after the war?

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