naked brothers band quiz

If you want to know what member of the Naked Brothers Band you are most like, then you should defenitly take this quiz. You will find out if you are most like Nat, Alex, Rosilina, Thomas, David, Cooper, or Qaasim. Tell all of your friends about this quiz so they can find out too.

Maybe you will get who you wanted, maybe you won't, all I know is that I hope you get what you were looking for. I tryed my hardest on getting questions and hopefully the right awnsers, but it was hard. So enjoy your quiz.

Created by: peyton
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Favorite color combo
  2. Your style
  3. Favorite cartoon
  4. Favorite band/singer
  5. Favorite sport
  6. Favorite time of day
  7. Favorite subject
  8. Favorite Instument
  9. Favorite Style of Hair
  10. Favorite Show
  11. Your Friends Decribe You as...

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