Naked Brothers Band Quiz

Try this quiz and test your Naked Brothers Band skills! Everthing from peoples names, to details about certain episodes! This is the quiz for you! Come on in it is free and partially easy! Go NBB!!!

Are you ready to test your skills just take this quiz, and you may find out some cool things! Come on over and take this quiz! You will not regret it!

Created by: Maddy

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  1. What is Nat's full name?
  2. Is Jesse related to Nat and Alex?
  3. What is Rosalina's real name?
  4. What is the first song that Nat wrote?
  5. What is Alex's full name?
  6. Where do Nat and Alex live?
  7. Who was the girl that replaced Rosalina in the music video for "Long Distance Relasionships"?
  8. What is the name of the girl who Alex likes?
  9. Why does Nat write, 'Blond hair, shiny blue eyes,' in the song, "Beautiful Eyes"?
  10. Why does Alex wear a pillow on his head on the day of the VMAs?
  11. Who wrote the song that Nat and Alex thought they both wrote?
  12. Is their mom alive in real life?
  13. Who are Jesse's siblings? As characters.

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