Naked Brothers Band quiz

This quiz about the Naked Brothers Band. It starts out easy and then it gets tougher. The questions are about the details not the main idea. So be prepared. It will pop out of nowhere like a deer in the middle of an Oregon road.

Are you a genius! We will find out. After this....... The questions are about all the guys an girl in the band. I wish you luck! Seriously if you didn't do well then i feel bad for you but try it again. I really hope you take this quiz a lot i hoope that soooooooooo much.

Created by: Cheese
  1. What instrement does Thomas Batuello Play?
  2. What was Nat Wolff's first song?
  3. When did Nat Wolff start playing piano?
  4. On Alex's durag what animal is on the front?
  5. In the movie what is David Levi obsessed with?
  6. What is Rosalina's real name?
  7. What is Quassim's last name?
  8. What is Rosalina's real name?
  9. What song did the Naked Brothers band wrote won the VMA's?
  10. What state did Cole Hawkins move to?
  11. What cereal commercial was cole Hawkins on?

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