who are you most like in the naked brothers band?

There you are!This quiz is about your opinions from the naked brothers band.This quiz is not what you think of what will happen but the answers of what you put down is your personal opinions about this quiz.Who cares of what you think.

This is the quiz about what your personal opinions are for the naked brothers band.No one will care about what you are going to say about this quiz.Who cares about this quiz i only wrote it because it was fun and entertaining.

Created by: emily

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  1. If Nat was your brother and if your dad went away for the weekend what would you do?
  2. If Rosalina was Nats girlfriend what do you think would happen?
  3. If you were Alex Wolff would you LIKE Jesse?
  4. If you were Michael Wolff What would you were at your sons party?
  5. If you just met Nat what would you do?
  6. Do you like rosalina?
  7. Are you a milkahalic?
  8. If you were in the band what instrument would you play?
  9. If you were Alex would you have your own clothing line?
  10. If you could write a title for a song what title would you use?

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Quiz topic: Who am I most like in the naked brothers band?