Are you an NBBmaniac?

Not many people out there are so into The Naked Brothers Band. Some poeple call it childish, but some of us know that the haters are just jealous. Being an NBBmaniac is something that few of us are proud of, but many despise us. What is an NBBmaniac? They are people who know so much about The Naked Brothers, that they could be called a walking, talking NBB encyclopedia.

So are YOU an NBBmaniac? Are oyu one of the totally obsessed you love the Wolff Bros? Do you think you have what it takes to pass this quiz with a high score?Even if you think you will fail, try anyway, can't let those thoughts take advantage of what you just have get! Take this quiz to find out...

Created by: NBBmaniac

  1. How many NBB songs do you know by heart?
  2. You think Nat is_____.
  3. Nat is a good singer?
  4. Alex's favorite drink before milk was_____.
  5. When Nat was trying to impress Rosalina by being "Bad Boy", like Bobby Love, what color streaks did he put in his hair?
  6. How old are Nat and Alex?
  7. Do you think you are an "NBBmaniac"?
  8. What is Nat's Middle Name?
  9. What is Alex's middle name?
  10. Jessie is really their_____.
  11. You hate some of their songs?

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Quiz topic: Am I an NBBmaniac?