How Childish are you?

There are very many childish people on Earth but being childish is not wrong and it doesn't harm anyone.When you're childish people laugh at you,people judge you.But keep in mind:they can't do anything to make you perfect.

For the people who are gonna take my quiz right now,check it out and see the results.Whether you're childish or not,there's nothing wrong about you.Because God is the one who made us

Created by: IanaNicole

  1. How often do people say that you're childish?
  2. Do you love playing?
  3. Do you love playing with kids?
  4. Do you treat your toys like your best friends or family/baby?
  5. Cute or Cool?
  6. Hate toys?
  7. Do you still love cartoons?
  8. Did you ever do something that made you feel childish?
  9. Did you ever act childish/like a baby?
  10. What will you do when you see a very cute toy sitting on a bench?
  11. Who is your favorite cartoon character?
  12. So I'm already gonna end this quiz with this last question...Do You Think You're Childish?

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Quiz topic: How Childish am I?