Which TWDG character are you?

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There are a limit to TWDG quizzes for characters, so I ever so wonderfully made one for you all to enjoy. Only ten outcomes were available here, so the possible characters are; Lee, Clementine, Kenny, Katjaa, Ben, Lilly, Doug, Carly, Larry, and Duck.

Please answer truthfully for more accurate results. You could come out as a good guy, a sweetheart, a family man, a motherly figure, a screw-up, a boss, a techhead, a not-so-techhead, a jerk, or a childish figure. Enjoy!

Created by: Heatherism
  1. You love someone with all your heart. How do you go about this in a life/death situation?
  2. How are you on walker-smashin'?
  3. You come across a park...
  4. WALKERS ARE TRYING TO GET IN! Gotta make a quick decision!
  5. WHAO... barely got out of there alive! But your shelter is torn down...repairs?
  6. Your loved one is dyeing from a recent walker bite, and doesn't have much longer...
  7. How are you with animals?
  8. Somebody's dead. You have to destroy the brain, or you'll face reanimation.
  9. There are few left in your group. Loved ones have been lost, and friends have been made. You know the never-ending battle is where you stand. What now?
  10. End of quiz! How'd you like it?

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Quiz topic: Which TWDG character am I?